Sisters of Zanzibar Portofolio
Date : November, 2022
Services : Advertising, Marketing
Customer : Sisters of Zanzibar
Locations : Zanzibar

Project Overview and Customer's Business Goals.

Sisters of Zanzibar is a chain of three boutique hotels: Joy, Anna and Zaraya. The main business objective was to increase their hotel’s direct bookings, as represents—90% of their sales.

Red Lion helped develop practical Meta and Google ads campaigns to optimize lead generation and work on the online go-to-market strategy for sisters.

Red Lion also advised regarding the Digital advertising budget to allocate in advertising to reach a consecutive direct booking rate and sales volume. We have also worked on their Meta-marketing plan and improved the content and visibility of their social media accounts. We started our partnership in November 2022 .


In just one year, we generated over 70,000 direct bookings value for Sisters of Zanzibar, with an average monthly budget of $2,000. When we first met Sisters, they had zero direct bookings and no understanding of how digital advertising through Meta and Google could help them increase their direct sales and scale their business.


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