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Silverstar Auto and Eicher
Silverstar Auto Ghana Peugeot Advertising

Project Overview and Customer's Business Goals.

Date : October, 2022
Services : Advertising, Marketing
Customer : SilverStar Auto
Locations : Accra, Ghana

Our exclusive West African market automotive case study is SilverStar Auto. SilverStar is the only distributor of Peugeot and Eicher in Ghana, with a primary business objective of increasing sales of Peugeot 2008 and Eicher Trucks.
Our collaboration with SilverStar began in October 2022, and we successfully convinced them to entrust us with their digital lead generation mission through Meta and Google. We agreed to market their products and services to potential customers online, aiming to boost sales and expand their customer base with the help of Google and Meta ads.




By December 2023, WWE had succeeded in stabilizing the lead generation campaigns for Silver Star Auto by utilizing Google and Meta ads. As a result, 70 qualified leads were delivered to their inbox every month until March 2023.

We have generated a report that shows 400 leads were produced for Peugeot and Eicher, along with 15K traffic to the website and more than 200K reach. The sales team at SilverStar has confirmed that they have closed five sales and have more than 20 ongoing ones still under negotiation and payment terms.


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