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Mystique Zanzibar project
Date : February, 2023
Services : Advertising, Marketing
Customer : Mystique Zanzibar
Locations : Zanzibar

Project Overview and Customer's Business Goals.

We have a significant case study in the African real estate market – Mystique Zanzibar. This stunning residence uses the finest materials and follows international luxury real estate market standards. Our team has developed an effective digital marketing solution, including Google Ads optimized for lead-generation campaigns.

We have also worked on their Meta-marketing plan and improved the content and visibility of their social media accounts.

We started our partnership in August 2022 and continue to work with them.

Mystique Zanzibar’s primary objective was to attract international investors and generate strong interest to encourage them to invest in their properties. We have helped optimize their Google Ads app campaign by developing a better app brand identity, key marketing messages, and content to drive more qualified app installs and sales.



One of the most expensive villas at Mystique Zanzibar has been confirmed as sold within the first six months. The lead who confirmed this stated that he found Mystique while actively searching for investment opportunities in Zanzibar through a Google search.


We have generated over 600 leads, with 3 million impressions and 40,000 website visits, all while maintaining an average monthly budget of $2,000 over the course of a year for Mystique Zanzibar. 


Five sales have been confirmed as a result of our efforts.

Mystique Zanzibar is an excellent case study, and we are thrilled to share it. We continue to work towards optimizing their lead generation.


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